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Supplementary Materials
The Mielke Clovis Site (33SH26), Western Ohio, USA, Geochemical Sourcing, Technological Descriptions, Artifact Morphometrics, and Microwear
By Matthew T. Boulanger, Briggs Buchanan, G. Logan Miller, Brian G. Redmond, Bob Christy, Brandi L. MacDonald, David Mielke, Ryun Mielke, Connie Mielke, Tate Maurer, Bruce Meyer, Monty Meyer, Brian Trego, Andy Wilson, Pete Cartwright, Leo Ott, Michelle R. Bebber, David J. Meltzer, and Metin I. Eren


Supplementary Table 1
Details of the 30 Vessel Lots Selected from the Averbuch (40DV60), Kellytown (40WM10), and East Nashville Mounds (40DV4) Sites, Including Provenience Information and Macroscopic Classifications, as Well as the Shell Size Index (SSI) and Grog Index for Each Sample
by Domenique C. Sorresso, C. Trevor Duke, Charles R. Cobb, Brad R. Lieb, Edmond A. Boudreaux III, and Anthony M. Krus


Supplementary Figures
by William F. Romain and Edward W. Herrmann


Supplementary Table
Identified Patent-Medicine Bottles from Springfield, Illinois, with Date and Place of Manufacture, Listed Alphabetically by Site
by Emma L. Verstraete


Appendix 1
Methodology and Results of Lipid Residues Extracted from Naomikong Point and Sand Point Pottery
by M. E. Malainey, Ph.D., and Timothy Figol, Brandon University


Supplemental Text 1
Deep Test Trench 5 Description
by William A. Lovis, G. William Monaghan, Daniel R. Hayes, and Kathryn C. Egan-Bruhy


Supplemental Tables 1 and 2
Major Oxide Elemental Mesurements from ED-XRF for Pottery Samples and USGS SBC-1 (Glass Bead Method), and Figurine (Bulk Measurement)
Major Element Raw Data Measurements from the ED-XRF for the Figurine

by Michelle R. Bebber, Jeremy C. Williams, Maximilian Barczok, and Metin I. Eren


Supplemental Table S.1
Mineralogical Methods Graphs Data
by Michelle R. Bebber, Jeremy C. Williams, Maximilian Barczok, and Metin I. Eren


Supplemental Information
OxCal and R Code
by Christopher Ellis, James Conolly, and Stephen G. Monckton


Supplemental Graph and Table
Graph of Comparative 14C Dates from Known Oliver Sites
Table of Comparative 14C Dates from Oliver Phase Sites
by Patrick D. Trader


Supplements to accompany Ohio Rock Art and Serpent Mound: Shared Iconography, Shared Stories (PDF) 
Figure 1   Figure 2   Figure 3   Figure 4
By Bradley T. Lepper, James R. Duncan, Carol Diaz-Granados, and John Soderberg


Supplements to accompany Modeling the Chronology of a Late Precontact Site Using Radiocarbon and Trade Good Dates: Middle Grant Creek (PDF)
Tables 1 and 2 (PDF)     Figures A1-S9 (PDF)     Fileset:


Supplemental information to accompany Early Palisaded Villages in Southwestern Ontario (PDF) by William Fox, James Conolly, Andrew Stewart, and Peter Timmins
OxCal Run File (PDF)


Supplemental tables to accompany A Hidden Landscape: Interpreting Buried Archaeological Site Potential in the White River Valley, Indiana (PDF) by Patrick D. Trader
Table 1 (PDF)
Table 2 (PDF)