Midwest Archaeological Conference Image Policy  (version 8/15/22)

The Midwest Archaeological Conference, Inc. (MAC) publishes the Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology (MCJA).  The journal presents original research on all periods of Midwestern archaeology.  The MAC believes human remains, funerary objects, and items of cultural patrimony must be treated with respect and that may include limiting their depiction in publications. 

The MCJA will not publish photographs of Native American skeletal remains or burials, but may publish line drawings if they are necessary to convey essential information.  It is the author’s responsibility to provide satisfactory justification that explains why it is beneficial to the journal’s readership that burial-related imagery is included. This justification is addressed to the MCJA Editor, and it is done when the manuscript is submitted with updates accompanying manuscript revisions as necessary.

If the remains are affiliated with a Federal or State recognized tribal group(s), the author must consult with the group(s) to obtain their views on the portrayal of ancestral remains and funerary objects prior to submission. The only exception to the prohibition on publication of photographs of Native American burials would be when the remains are affiliated with a Federal or State recognized tribal group(s) and written permission from the group(s) accompanies the submission. It is the author’s responsibility to conduct the consultation and provide documentation.

If the publication of a photograph of a portion of a human bone with a specific feature (e.g. a pathological lesion, breakage from trauma, etc.) is the only way to present essential information, the photograph must be limited to the specific feature in question.

While photographs of funeral items are currently acceptable if justified as essential, line drawings are strongly preferred if they can adequately convey the necessary information.  Authors should limit photographs to specific features if possible. 

Authors may include images as on-line supplemental figures. Supplemental information will be reviewed by the MCJA editor and will be subject to external review along with the submitted manuscript.

The article abstract must include a notice that portrayals of burials, funerary objects, or objects of cultural patrimony covered by this policy are presented in the article.