In 2010 the MAC, Inc. Board of Directors established a Sponsored Symposium for the organization’s annual conference. Contributed papers from the symposium are considered for publication in the open-access Midwest Archaeological Conference Inc. Occasional Papers series or as a special issue MCJA.

Please find specific guidelines below; note that only complete proposals will be considered and a complete proposal will have:

  1. A clear and concise topical statement, why it is important to Midwestern archaeology and, more generally, to anthropology (including archaeology) or allied disciplines. 
  2. The number of contributors must be identified, as well as the specific structure of the meeting session, which will be roughly three (3) hours long. 
  3. Potential contributors should be specified; they need not be asked in advance (see below), but doing so tends to enhance the proposal. 
  4. There must be two short session summaries, one for the meeting presentations and the other for the proposed publication submissions. Each should specify the topics that will be covered and any introductory or concluding comments (preliminary). There will be considerable overlap, but the meeting summary would include paper time limits and question-and-answer periods, whereas the publication proposal would include page lengths. 
  5. If the symposium is approved for publication, a timetable must be provided that specifies when draft papers are to be submitted, as well as when manuscripts will be revised and submitted as a single package to the MAC Editorial Office. 

The annual call for proposals is sent to the membership in early spring with a deadline of late spring. All proposals will be reviewed by the MAC Executive Board and a final decision will be made within several weeks of the deadline.