Why am I not getting emails from MAC?

  1. First, double check the email address you have associated with your user account. 

  2. Make sure you do not have email unsubscribe box checked on your user account page.

  3. If all else looks good, but you are still not getting emails in your inbox or in your Spam folder, it is likely that your email service is filtering them out for some reason. To fix this, you need to trust MAC emails through adding MAC email address to your contacts, whitelisting, trust, or filter for "@midwestarchaeology.org" and send them to your inbox.

How can I change my MCJA mailing address?

Each MAC member has two addresses associated with their account. The reason for this is because users may want their membership associated with their professional institution or organization, but would prefer to have MCJA delivered to another address. Users are able to make adjustments to their professional address at any time through their My Account page. The MCJA mailing address is captured once a year from the "delivery" address from their membership renewal purchase. If you wish to make a change to the MCJA delivery address in between renewals, contact the MAC website administrator