The MAC, Inc. Dissertation Prize is unique to the Midwest Archaeological Perspective book series. The prize winner will be awarded $500 and will work with the editor and editorial board to develop the dissertation into a compelling book manuscript for scholarly publication. 

To be considered for the Prize, please contact Series Editor Donald Gaff (, 319.273.7274). 

Prize Recipients



Dr. Eric Drake, Heritage Program Manager for the Hiawatha National Forest for his dissertation from Suny Binghamton titled "Working to Stay Together in 'Forsaken Out of the Way Places': Investigating Anishnabeg Family Logging Camps as Sites of Social Refuge and Resilience During the Era of Assimilation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula 1880-1940."


2021 MAP Justin Carlson

Dr. Justin Carlson (University of Kentucky) for his dissertation entitled "Middle to Late Holocene (7200-2900 Cal. BP) Archaeological Site Formation Processes and the Origins of Anthropogenic Environments in Central Kentucky."


Christina Friberg 2020 MAP Dissertation Award Recipient

Dr. Christina Friberg (University of California Santa Barbara) for her dissertation entitled “Igniting Interaction through Mississippian Tradition-making: An Interregional Analysis at the Audrey Site (11GE20).”

Kathryn Frederick 2020 MAP Dissertation Award Recipient

Dr. Kathryn Frederick (Michigan State University) for her dissertation entitled “Storage, Decision-Making, and Risk Management in Non-Sedentary Societies.”



Dr. Susan M. Kooiman (Michigan State University) for her dissertation entitled “A multiproxy analysis of culinary, technological, and environmental interactions in the northern Great Lakes region.”
Left to Right: MAC Board President John Doershuk with Susan Kooiman, William Lovis (MAP Editor) and Eli Bortz (University of Notre Dame Press).


MAP Dissertation Prize

Dr. Richard W. Edwards IV (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee) for his dissertation entitled "The canine surrogacy approach and paleobotany: An analysis of Wisconsin Oneota agricultural production and risk management strategies."
Left to Right: Bill Lovis (MAP Editor) and MAC Board President Jodie O'Gorman with Richard Edwards IV and Eli Bortz (University of Notre Dame Press).