Benefits of Being a Member

  • Receive paper copies of the Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology (MCJA)
      **if purchased before December 1 of membership year

  • Full digital access to MCJA through University of Illinois Press

  • Registration at Midwest Archaeological Conference annual meetings at the lower member rate

  • Eligibility to present papers or posters at the annual Midwest Archaeological Conference meetings.

  • Regular updates and news via email.

When to Join or Renew your Membership

Memberships for 2023 are valid through the calendar year and will expire on January 1, 2024.

Online membership benefits include free complete digital access to all MCJA journals. Each current member of MAC will receive paper copies of the MCJA as long as their membership has been received prior to November 30 of the current membership year.  

Membership renewals for the 2024 year can be submitted starting TBD. Early renewal (prior to Jan 1, 2024 of the new membership year) will allow the individual (or couple for joint membership) full digital access to MCJA as soon as they make their purchase. This is a perk for early membership renewal. However, they will only receive paper copies of the journal for their purchased membership year.

How to Join MAC

For 2023, membership renewal will be based on the completion of the December 11, 2020 Webinar (view Webinar details) or later viewing of the webinar recording ( If you already participated in or watched this webinar, then you are ready to renew for 2023.

Online (Preferred):

Self certify that you participated in the webinar or viewed the recording at a later date (click here to access this short form). Once you have submitted this form you will be directed to membership renewal options. 

Print and Snail Mail:

Print and fill out this PDF FORM (for 2023) and mail with payment to MAC treasurer.


?s about Your Membership or MCJA Subscription

Direct all inquiries, orders, and claims to:

MAC, Inc.
c/o Katy Mollerud
345 W. Kellogg Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55102; 



Please contact the University of Illinois Press at: