MAC-UND Dissertation Competition


The Midwest Archaeological Conference, Inc. (MAC, Inc.), in cooperation with the University of Notre Dame (UND) Press, announces the 2019 dissertation competition, with the prize being a $500 cash award and the offer of a contract to publish a modified version of the dissertation as a book through UND Press. 

Selection of the winning dissertation will be made by recommendation of the Editor and Editorial Board of the Midwest Archaeological Perspectives book series, a joint MAC, Inc. and UND Press enterprise. Eligible dissertations must have been completed and dated in the three calendar years prior to the year of the award. This is a three year rolling window of eligibility. The first Dissertation Prize was conferred at the MAC, Inc. Annual Business Meeting in 2018. For the 2019 award we will consider a selection of high quality dissertations completed during 2016, 2017 and 2018 (to the degree possible, 2019). Recognizing that all dissertations, even those of high quality, may not be on topics appropriate for conversion to a book for broader distribution to an educated lay audience, review of eligible dissertations will be undertaken based on receipt of judicious and considered recommendations and referrals by members of the Midcontinent archaeological community, including self nominations. While it is hoped that there will be dissertations of both high quality and with content of sufficiently broad interest to be able to confer the dissertation prize annually, this award cycle is not compulsory and is based on the decision and recommendation of the Editors and Editorial Board. Only one dissertation prize will be awarded each year. The offer of a publication contract is coupled with a $500 cash award from UND Press. Announcement of the award recipient will be made at the annual MAC, Inc. Business Meeting, and will be publicized on the organization website.  

Inquiries regarding the prize, as well as recommendations and referrals of completed dissertations produced within the three year rolling window may be made to:

William A. Lovis, Editor, Midwest Archaeological Perspectives (

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