MCJA Online Access Issues

Dear MAC Members:

Some MAC members are experiencing difficulties with online journal access. The issue primarily affects users who use certain university networks that are not flagged for access to the MCJA.

Essentially, Taylor & Francis configures their protocols to deny access to IP addresses from any institution that does not have a library subscription to MCJA. Taylor & Francis have told us that a solution “could take months to be developed and implemented.”

The MAC Board is acutely aware that lack of online access for some members is a significant problem and will be working with Taylor & Francis to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. For those members who currently cannot access MCJA through their university network, access should be possible using a different network (e.g., a personal account via AT&T, Comcast, or other commercial provider). This problem would also be a good reason to encourage your library to subscribe to MCJA.

If you cannot access the online version of the journal using either your university or personal accounts, please inform Jarrod Burks so we have up-to-date information on the extent of the issue. We apologize for the problem and will bring you updates as they are available. 

Bob Jeske