Winners of Annual Student Paper Competition

Christina M. Friberg, University of California, Santa Barbara
Cosmic Negotiations: Ramey Incised Pottery and the Mississippianization of Cahokia’s Northern Hinterlands
Taylor H. Thornton, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (First Place Winner)
An Examination of Middle Woodland Spatiotemporal Trends in the Lower Illinois River Valley
Katherine M. Sterner, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Second Place Winner)
Results of Blood Residue Analysis and Microwear of Suspected Arrow Points and Scraping tools from the Crescent Bay Hunt Club Site (47Je904) 
Jody Clauter, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (First Place Winner)
Results and Comparisons of Petrographic and Energy Dispersion X-ray Fluorescence (ED XRF) Analyses of Late Woodland Ceramics from Southern Wisconsin
Andrew Upton, Michigan State University (Second Place Winner)
Preliminary Testing of the Efficacy of Shell Tempering as a Proto-Hominy Processor  
Heather Walder, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Glass Trade Beads as Temporal Markers for the Contact Era of Wisconsin: Compositional Analysis Results 
Alleen Betzenhauser, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Accessing the Mississippian Transition in the Southern American Bottom through an Interpretation of a Geophysical Survey 
Elizabeth Conzelman, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
Analysis of Status Based on Faunal Remains from the 2008 East Palisade Excavations at Cahokia  
Maria Raviele, Michigan State University 
Exploring Quantification of Maize Microbotanical Densities through Experimental Residue Analysis
Sarah Surface-Evans, Michigan State University
Seeing the Forest for the Trees: An Archaeological Site Inventory Project on Michigan State Forest Land
Lacey Heflin, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville 
Faunal Analysis of the 2005 Stephenson House excavations in Madison County, Illinois: The analysis of Socioeconomic status in the Upland South cultural tradition
Susan Spencer, Indiana University-Bloomington
Cutmarks on crania at the late Mississippian Mann Site Cemetery, Posey County, Indiana 
Rex Weeks, Arizona State University
Notes On the Pre-Contact Origin of the Midewiwin: A Review of Archaeological Evidence from the Upper Great Lakes
Kelly Arnold, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
Southern Illinois Ceramic Figurines: A Temporal Investigation
Christine Boston, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville 
Analysis of Skeletal Remains of the Emmons Site, Fulton County, Illinois